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Babatunde Abimbola
Kanji ババトゥンド アビンボラ
Rōmaji Babatundo Abinbora
Alias Man of the Kitchen
Kitchen Connoisseur
Personal Information
Status Active
Age 31
Gender Male
Height 6ft. 1inches.
Weight 77.52kg
Family Unknown
Partner(s) None
Previous Partner(s)
Allies Institution of Exalted Culinary Art
Sexuality Heterosexual
Martial Status Married
Cuisine Style African Cuisine
Spice Transformer
Food Forte
Professional Status
Generation None
Occupation Director
Food Critic (Former)
Head Chef (Former)
Affiliation Institution of Exalted Culinary Art
Previous Affiliation Yoruba Clan
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Voice Actor

Babatunde Abimbola (ババトゥンド アビンボラ, Babatundo Abinbora) is the current director of the newly established private school, Institution of Exalted Culinary Art, in which students of various cooking backgrounds are taught on how to improve their culinary technique as well as establishing connections with renown restaurants and chefs to kick-start their careers.

Babatunde hails from the Yoruba Clan in Nigeria, where he was brought up as a chef from as young as four. It was soon discovered that he had a knack for cooking, being able to use a plethora of spices to maximise the flavour of the dish he presents, this cuisine style being dubbed Spice Transformer by many of his fellow clan members. He later evolved his cooking style in his adolescent years when he began to travel the world, discovering a variety of spices before he seemingly settled in Japan due to their stable economy.

Despite many Japanese chefs doubting his talent at first, he swiftly made a name for both himself and African cuisine in Japan, being able to adapt African dishes to Japanese taste after trial and error. Before he knew it, he was already Head Chef at a well-known Yakisoba restaurant in Tokyo, where he continued to gather more knowledge on Japanese cuisine before retiring from the kitchen-life at the age of 26. He then spent next two years critiquing food before establishing a culinary art school of his own at the age of 28.

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