Elise Nakiri
Elise Nakiri
Kanji 薙切 エリゼ
Rōmaji Nakiri Erize
Alias The Underworld Queen (冥界の女王 Meikai no Joo)
The Dark Empress of Totsuki
Personal Information
Age 18 (Debut)
19 (Current)
Gender Female
Height 162 cm
Family Senzaemon Nakiri (Maternal Grandfather)
Erina Nakiri (Younger Sister)
Asahi Saiba (Half younger brother)
Azami Nakiri (Father)
Mana Nakiri (Mother)
Soe Nakiri (Maternal Uncle)
Leonora Nakiri (Maternal Aunt)
Alice Nakiri (Maternal Cousin)
Previous Partner(s)
Sexuality Female
Martial Status
Cuisine Style Japanese
Food Forte Elegant Dish
Professional Status
Generation 91st
Occupation High School Student
Vice Director of Tōtsuki Academy
Affiliation Tōtsuki Culinary Academy: Vice Headmaster
Polar Star Dormitory
Previous Affiliation
Manga Debut
Anime Debut
Voice Actor

Hey, Kuga. Do you think we should enjoy cooking to the fullest?

—Elise Nakiri, asking Terunori Kuga

Elise Nakiri (薙切 エリゼ(なきり エリゼ), Nakiri Erize?) is a member of illustrious Nakiri Family. She is one of the top Student of Totsuki and consistently searching a better way to improve her cooking skills. Following the rebel alliance's victory during the Regimental Shokugeki, she has been formally appointed the Vice Headmaster of Totsuki Academy



Elise's cooking and usual attire.

Elise has long black hair and pale skin just like her father. She usually just wear traditional clothes everyday. She is considered by Totsuki Student as a alive snow white.


Hailing from wealthy and and noble background, Elise is an opposite of Erina. She is caring and lovingly to Erina. Her background makes her feared in cooking world as the relative of Food's Demon King, Senzaemon. She is sometimes a serious, calm, a perfectionist by some. Her grandfather said that Elise personality is a resemble of her mother. She enjoys traditional cuisine in all over the world and likes to wear yukata just like her grandfather.



Born in the Nakiri family, She was adored and doted by her family. As a young girl, she is mesmerized on cooking and decide to be a chef. When Erina was born, she was glad and happy to be a older sister. She would play with Erina until her father took her overseas in the age of 4. She never befriended anyone because she has her own insecurities.

By the age 4, She already learn how to cook basic meal or courses and makes many of a famous food. She then learns another style of cooking from Leonora, Alice's mother when she came to their place.

Six months after that, she never know what happened to Erina or their father. Her mother just disappeared into thin air, and she was left alone without any knowledge what happens to them.

Life in Totsuki Academy

A five years after study aboard, she came back to Japan and decide to enroll as 91st Generation Student so she can be with Erina again. Erina was happy to see her sister cameback, both of them decide to hone their skills further and be the best of the best. At the first year as student, she befriend a man named Terunori Kuga which she implies he is such a funny person in the back of her mind. The got along together, even Terunori asks her to be waitress for moon banquet festival which shocks her. He is the first person who asked her doing such thing in her life.


Cooking Style

Japanese Cuisine: Elise loved Japanese cusine since the age of ten, it became the point that she is really skilled chef in her own individual.


  • Chinese Cuisine RS - Elise is an honorary member of Chinese Cuisine Research Society because Kuga liked her somehow and then she became the only woman waitress on Moon Banquet Festival.
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