Kaito Dojima
Kanji 堂島快斗
Rōmaji Dojima Kaito
Alias The Master Chef
Personal Information
Age 15 (Debut)
Gender Male
Height 172 cm
Family Gin Dojima (Father)
Previous Partner(s)
Martial Status
Cuisine Style
Food Forte
Professional Status
Generation 92nd Generation
Occupation High School Student
Affiliation Tōtsuki Culinary Academy
Previous Affiliation
Manga Debut N/A
Anime Debut N/A
Voice Actor Hiro Shimono (Japanese)
Josh Grelle

Kaito Dojima (堂島快斗, Dojima Kaito?) is a Main Character of Shokugeki no Soma He is the son of Gin Dojima the General Head Chef and a member of the Board of Directors for Tōtsuki Resort and the Former 19th seat of Elite Twenty Council.


Kaito has brown hair and eyes wears glasses, has a bed hair sticking out


Kaito is normally calm and logical he doesn't bother himself with other he technically can get annoyed by people antic however he acts politely in general when dealing with others and treats others with respect and have great passion for cooking and is highly resourceful using any ingredient effectively

Kaito is a quick-witted and perceptive young man who can recognize people potential such recognize and acknowledge Soma and Taka skilled as a cooked and also doesn't consider that one's background should dictate their skills

Kaito is very mature and a serious person and hate it when People waste time unnecessary and get annoyed when people get on his nerves and would often Physically punish them. however, he is generally pleasant and easily exhibits kindness and thoughtfulness to others around him; he genuinely cares about everyone that is important to him.

Kaito also has a good number of admirers making him extremely Popular but express no interest to this admirers Kaito is also shown to be is an avid gamer often play video games when he has free time is exceptional with all genres of gaming,




Gin Dojima

Gin is Kaito's Father and has great respect for him as Chef and was one of Kaito's inspiration of becoming a chef.

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy: Elite Twenty Council

Satoshi Isshiki

Erina Nakiri

Kaito was Erina's Closet Friends and known her since working at the Nakiri Manision

Tōtsuki Culinary Academy

Midori Tsukumo

Hisako Arato

Diana Watson

Sōma Yukihira

Taka Ishizuka

Megumi Tadokoro

Yuichi Hoshikawa

Polar Star Dormitory

Cooking Skills

Kaito has no particular cooking or cuisine specialty. however, he extremely skilled at any cuisine as he has shown to be well versed enough to cook an dishes from any cuisine and his cooking is base how effective he use his ingredients and is very flexible in utilizing any ingredients regardless of quality he was known Naturally talented Cook being able to cook delicious food at a very young age and He cooks with amazing speed and dexterity, particularly in his use of knives. This allows him to earn the 19th Seat of the Elite Twenty Council


  • Tasting - Kaito sense of taste also is not lacking though not great as Erina's God Tongue; often, he is able to deduce the qualities of aspects of ingredients and method of cooking and preparations
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