Moon Dormitory
Kanji 月寮
Rōmaji Tsuki ryō
Alias Moon Dorm

Problem Dorm

Affiliation Okumura Ryōri Gakkō
Location Somewhere to the north of the campus
Status Active

Rank F Dorm

Manga Debut
Anime Debut

"The dorm can be found near a small lake in the woods to the north of the plantain" - Message handed to Airi Noshi by the headmaster.

Moon Dormitory (月寮,Tsuki ryō) is a dormitory found on the campus of Okumura Ryōri Gakkō. Unlike the other dorms of the school, it is considered a failure due to its placement in the woods and the headmaster sends problem children there.


The moon dormitory is one of the dorms found on the school's large campus, but none of the students or staff are completely sure of where it is, only knowing it's somewhere north(those that know are former members or current). The building is a little extravagant as it once was supposed to attract people who were used to a higher living, but it has two floors and two tower tops;

  • First Floor - The first floor has all the rooms of the current residents. Some share, while others have separate rooms. It also has a basic kitchen and common room where meetings are held.
  • Second Floor - The second floor had been completely empty at one point, but two previous residents made the entire area into a library and cooking room. The library was filled with various books from recipes, cooking manuals, to even previous residents personal diaries (Altima) and has a few desks with cushion chairs.
  • Tower Top - each one is a very large open room that currently has no use.

The dormitory is made of light brown bricks with large windows and has almost a castle like feeling to it. Many of the current Residents think it's a little much even for the school's style.


The dorm has no special features to it as they have never been able to pull enough money or competitions to really afford any of the modifications.




Resident Description Room Number Generation
Tori Fukui
Description of the person.
Hiroshi Yoshida 06
Airi Noshi